VTS fleet management software is versatile and provides superior ROI for golf club management, delivery and rental fleets, taxis, limousines, electric rickshaws and more. Potential for growth is exorbitant; VTS technology is currently utilized on only 300 of the world’s 38,000 golf courses which have an estimated 4 million golf carts.

Onboard touchscreens drive revenue and offer an enhanced course experience. When combined with VTS single-rider carts, for which distribution began in June 2020 with very competitive leasing packages, play time can be decreased on average by 90 minutes. This efficiency is a boon to both players and course managers; golfers play rounds in less time while club management can accommodate more players per day.

DSG’s electric vehicle (EV) offerings for golf include the 3W Vantage Raptor and the 4W Vantage Pacer both of which are VTS equipped.

With the huge increase in interest in golf during COVID restrictions, the combination of VTS course management software in single-rider golf carts has been extremely well received.

In addition, approximately 11,000 new e-rickshaws are deployed worldwide each month, providing tremendous opportunity for further implementation of VTS.

DSG has a strategic partnership in China to integrate VTS with electric vehicles (EVs) including specialty golf carts, and low- and high-speed road-ready EVs.

The VTS mounted screens accommodate advertising and have the potential to provide user-access to gaming, an industry that is licensed in 20 U.S. states and growing.

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