DSG Global (The Company) is publicly traded under the symbol (DSGT). DSG Global Management are pioneers in Fleet Management Systems for the golf industry having launched one the original GPS and Wi-Fi enabled platforms over 25 years ago; GPS Industries, which would eventually be purchased by Club Car.

The company released its own proprietary Fleet Management System under the Vantage TAG brand. The Vantage TAG system is modular, so the operator has the flexibility to build a completely customized solution depending on the requirements of the operation. The system can be implemented with or without a range of displays from the efficient TEXT to the high-definition INFINITY. For utility vehicles there is the TAG TURF. You can explore all the functionality of the VANTAGE TAG Fleet Management System here.


Since the VANTAGE brand is synonymous with advanced management for golf cart fleets, the natural progression is to produce a cart that is a compliment and would be integrated with fleet management hardware and software to create a point of differentiation in the marketplace. Introducing the VANTAGE PRO Lithium. The VANTAGE PRO Lithium has a number of benchmark features starting with the industry leading 105ah extended range maintenance free high-performance battery and 5kw AC. highly efficient, smooth, high Torque Motor. The VANTAGE PRO Lithium was designed to be a direct value alternative to the incumbent manufacturers. You can see all the features of the VANTAGE PRO Lithium here.

In early 2022 the Company acquired the rights to market the “Shelby” branded golf carts and E-bikes named for the legendary American race car driver. The carts will be marketed to the rapidly growing and lucrative Golf Community market such as the Villages in Florida where personal golf carts are both the preferred means of transportation and a status symbol. It is estimated that the Villages has over 100,000 golf carts that are used for everything from going to the grocery store or Doctor visits in addition to being used on the 57 golf courses. There are numerous communities configured on these low-speed electric vehicles mandates around North America. The Shelby E-bike will not only be appealing to the Golf Community market, but the overall exploding E-bike market as consumers rush to adopt environmentally friendly transportation and governments are providing attractive incentives.